kato age two

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Kato must sleep in a grow-bag or have secret stash of steroids. Went to bed last night as a sweet, fragile puppy and woke up this morning as muscular, back chatting, clumsy toddler. Stands an inch taller than Abe now. Humans will conduct experiment to see if Kato still fits through the railings between us and Mad Bob. Paws crossed amongst the rest of the Collective, theres always butter, or KY. Though The Critter can probably pull the wrought iron bars apart if she so desired.

Life amongst the rest of the Collective is conducted at 46 feet radius of wherever the Critter is. It being on a 45 feet training lead. But Kato does appear to have some usefulness, being able to undo things, door handles, catches on biscuit buckets and getting the blame for any Theft or Vandalism.
Will you be in around anytime tomorrow?

First day back at uni and wondered if I could pop over to visit the collective! :O)
Norbert here,

Was topside this lunchtime watching for magic fish sticks landing at the earth/space interface and heard that Alpha Female was going to work until tomorrow. Usually gets back late afternoon which is bad if hippy forgets to feed me.

Oh well, better shut down my scaletop computer and look for Eddie.

Norbert Dentressangle.
Only just read this as did the on-call last night which results in me being a coma for a few hours when I finally get home.

We will be around over the weekend - no plans other than dog things and trying to get Abe & Java friends again. I don't get back from work this coming week until about 6-30/7 but I should be back early on Thursday.

You must come see The Critter while she is still a gormless, clumsy puppy.

I will put my mobile and landline number up in a locked thingy.