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How To Do Stuff by Kato Puppy aged 4.5 months

Lying Down - Retract all legs simultaneouesly. Will result in pleasing loud thuddy noise and lying down.
Finishing a Meal - press paw in bowl, bowl will spring up and smack pup in forehead but small price to pay for molecule of food. Repeat.
Protect Pack from Toilet Roll Infidels - tear open packet without thought for own safety, disperse fragmented Tissue Infidels around house.
Protect Pack from Cardboard Box Scum - as above but pee on box carcass just to be sure
Being Warm - slot self in small space between older crumbly dog/human and sofa/bed. Fidget & squirm until warm.
Go Four Hours Without Karzee - Find human shoe.........
Not Being Told Off - meep with uber cuteness then fall asleep.
Finishing a Meal - (zebra finch style) Reach down into food container as far as possible, miss footing, fall in, honk disgruntedly, zoom out again, act as if nothing untoward at all has happened..........