kato age two

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Yesterday Kato commenced school, only for socialisation as she is too young to join the actual training. The school is "Well Posh for People with a Few Bob" and has an area of ducks, hens, guineas, rabbits and other small feathered /furry beasties, kept behind little fences only up to Katos chin. Kato didn't really notice them, first day nerves obviously. Once in class, Kato stared at the 24 larger dogs going through their paces but didn't bat an eyelid until the break time when they all advanced in our direction. Kato grumbled and barked, but soon settled.
Kato was the centre of attraction and was soon surrounded by patting hands and some little boys. Kato rolled on her back and we heard a hushed "Its got no nippy". The little boys' mother explained their dog was a boy and they were concerned that Kato had no "nippy". This was, she decided, the opportunity to explain that 50% of people were nippyless. How do parents choose the words to use for those bits?

Many of the dogs in the class seemed much older than pups, their owners in despair......a feeling we know well.

Abe & Java are still leading seperate lives. Lindsay being the only constant in the House of Dog. The NILIF approach is working wonders on Java but Abe is awash with feelings of rejection & nervousness. Yesterday they met up twice, each time was a tense affair with "bums-up" (fur standing up on their back ends indicating hostility or fear). Java is prepared,it seems, to ignore, but Abe just won't let it lie. Not yet.