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Kato starts school on Sunday - here

Only the best for our little pudding. Straw hat and hockey stick yet to be purchased. Heh! Kato's training classes are held in posh schools Sports Hall on Sundays. Katos too young to join this terms basic obediance course, but the trainers reccomend that puppies sit in, for socialisation, meet other dogs, people, children, noises and we can decide whether is the right school for Kato. We can go weekly for free and then she can attend next terms ten week course. Not turning her into a trained robot, just aware that she needs some learning away from the Collective. Suspect she might be the only cross breed in the class, and her humans the only scruffs - but Hey! this Bitch is one Clever Mutha!

Abe and Java are still leading seperate lives - tomorrow we have a planned re-introduction. Thank Dog this house is big enough for them to live comfortably apart. But they are now missing each other and fret outside the room where the other dog is. The humans needed this Time Out to relax themselves - its truely heartsnapping when your two loved dogs are (literally) tearing each others throats out. Being on tenterhooks probably hasn't helped the tension.

Tonight, Java PLAYED with Kato. Java doesn't really do Playing - whatever happened to her before she joined the Collective, she missed out on learning to Play and can find games of Tug worrying. Java will play Slippy Dog but that doesn't involve any mixed messages of agression.  But tonight she whooped Kato's ass at Tug. Java won on both Skill and Strength which was probably a good thing for Kato. Both really enjoyed the game. Kato got a bit over excited but the game didn't get nasty. Just pure fun. Life will be better when Kato can be off the training lead in the garden and the dogs can really play as noisey and rough as they like.

Kato was acquired partialy because with Lindsays advancing years - hippy could be left with no dog. Although he loves Abe & Java as his own, and they 100% adore him, they will always be hattys dogs. And when you lose your dog, you need a dog to hold. But its uncanny - the Mini-Me of Kato and Lindsay. The way Kato plays "Ring" with wild abandon.  The psychotic stare as she stalks the toys. The "boofing" in her loony bark. The way she just falls over, rather than gently lying down. The intrigued jabbing of her nose into your hair. The wide mouthed gaping before letting out a sneeze that makes her do an all-over shake. The resting of her chin on tables, beds, knees. Lindsay and Kato, side by side, resting their chins on the coffeee table. Uncanny.