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Humans have adopted the NILIF approach to managing the insurgents in the Collective. This means Nothing In Life Is Free - its a stricter regime than we're used to. Abe & Java are still being kept apart. They search for each other, though whether thats to avoid or destroy, who knows.  Abe is limping for real, a nasty bite on her front left, so its off to the vets tomorrow.  It must be festering as even Lindsay has been sniffing at it.

Buying a muzzle for Java is proving difficult due to her hooter and head being in wierd proportions.

Lindsay is brighter, offering bribes for someone to go the chippy for her, having hardly eaten for nearly a week. Lindsay ate most of her tea. Lindsay has also developed a taste for expensive scientific dried puppy food. (Came free with puppy) It was only going to waste as Kato didn't seem able to tolerate it. Kato is on Chappie and thriving, proper grown-up poos, sparkling eyes and glossy coat, and every time we look at her she seems to have grown another centimeter upwards or lengthways but not sideways. Since being here she has put on 600grams - weighing in at 13.6kg - thats a big puppy when you consider that Java is 21kg. Still skinny enough to shimmy through the railings to Bob the Odd next door. So still on the 45 foot training lead. Heres the pup before ripping the head of a cute bunny.


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awwwww soo cute!
I start Uni in a week and abit so if you're ever in need of
a dog sitter I'll most likely be in Wolverhampton most days nights, 24 hr book study etc............

Might be popping up weekend to rescue some bored students :o)
Re: awwwww soo cute!
Thanks! Mine and hippys parents are ill so we do worry about how we would get on having a quick trip up to Chester/Manchester. We can't do the journey there and back quick enough for dog bladders or Katos feeds.

Though at the moment we are sorting out "issues" between Abe & Java. I think if we do have to go parents or someplace, we would probably take one of the problem dogs with us. With one of the problems out of the pack - theres no tension at all.

Kato can play rough but is easily controlled. She is learning her boundaries with the older dogs. She just played "Tug" with Java but Kato got so over excited Java told her to just keep the damn stuffed rabbit. :-)

You must come round and see the cuteness asap!
Re: awwwww soo cute!
If there's ever an emergency I could always head over to Wolves, seeing as I know them and have a key!
Re: awwwww soo cute!
Thanks Boglin, thats good to know - your always welcome to leave a key with us too, in case of urgent cat/rat sitting emergencies.