kato age two

Canine Jihad

All things will pass.

Abe and Java are now so alienated, so at each others throats that drastic measures have been taken. A&J are fine with the pup Kato. Fine with humans. Fine with Lindsay. But not each other. Kato is the innocent, unknowing, catalyst for this chaos.

We are living by strict pack controlling rules. Dog musical chairs. Its hard work, exhausting and very stressful. Blood, sweat and tears, many, many tears. But thats the nature of having rescues and not robots.

And no ones going anywhere. Not Kato - the newcomer. Not Java. Not Abe. Thats not possible, its the unthinkable. We love them all too much and equally. We will find the way. Even if it means a 10k heated dog run kennel with TV & Jacuzzi & room service type installation.
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Re: It really will pass
The problem is that they (A&J) are evenly matched. These are the worst fights I have ever known between them. The first time I have wondered if they *would* scrap without any humans around. Today they are both scabby and sore. We are keeping them completly apart. Abe is happy to be locked in the bedroom and finding small spaces to clamber in. Makes me wonder if she would actually like a crate, even though I have always been anti-crate. Java, for her time out, is locked in the front room and is happy enough until we try to go to bed.
Both A&J have no problems with Kato or Lindsay.