kato age two

Canine Jihad

All things will pass.

Abe and Java are now so alienated, so at each others throats that drastic measures have been taken. A&J are fine with the pup Kato. Fine with humans. Fine with Lindsay. But not each other. Kato is the innocent, unknowing, catalyst for this chaos.

We are living by strict pack controlling rules. Dog musical chairs. Its hard work, exhausting and very stressful. Blood, sweat and tears, many, many tears. But thats the nature of having rescues and not robots.

And no ones going anywhere. Not Kato - the newcomer. Not Java. Not Abe. Thats not possible, its the unthinkable. We love them all too much and equally. We will find the way. Even if it means a 10k heated dog run kennel with TV & Jacuzzi & room service type installation.
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I think you might have to just put everything that can be put away, away. The chewing is a bit easier for us to cope with as we haven't really started rennovating downstairs properly. Though Kato seems to manage to find and shred underwear.
Reply got cut short by puppy retching up toilet roll middle. Did you think anymore about crating? I have always been very anti-crate but reading Dog Pages, and if its a last resort to be able to keep your dog, and keep her safe. They often say try ebay. I have it as an option for my dogs now. I would rather crate than rehome.

I once used gaffa tape to tape up my kitchen cupboards. I couldn't really confine the dogs to any other rooms as there were soft furnishings and carpets so I had to dog proof that area. Even the kettle got put away. The microwave taped shut. I also (with Hatty and Diva) did the going out and coming back in repeatedly on a few occaisions - more to vent my frustration than any dog training but I think it helped in the long run.

I wished I lived nearer to you and could do some daytime calls for you. I once had via a postcard in a local shop an elderly man who used to just come and sit and watch Neighbours with the dogs for a few pounds a week.
I think I would need to see a crate in action. I don't think I could bring myself to shut the door. Amys would need to be huge as they need to be able to stretch out, stand up, turn around. Conservatory? Java is being OK about having her time out in the lounge. Abes cottoned on that being shut in our bedroom is not an immense treat/privilege but some Cunning Plan.

Its peaceful here today. Abe and Java still haven't seen each other since the Big Fight. But everyones had a walk and a few rounds of Slippy Dog.

It really will pass
Lots of sympathy, Jazz has just put another (small)hole in Penny. We made the mistake of saying how well they had been getting on to other people. Even though neither of them were there they _knew_.But it does get better, it's just that you have to go on enforcing rigid pack rules for so long.

lots of love and pats of encouragement
Re: It really will pass
The problem is that they (A&J) are evenly matched. These are the worst fights I have ever known between them. The first time I have wondered if they *would* scrap without any humans around. Today they are both scabby and sore. We are keeping them completly apart. Abe is happy to be locked in the bedroom and finding small spaces to clamber in. Makes me wonder if she would actually like a crate, even though I have always been anti-crate. Java, for her time out, is locked in the front room and is happy enough until we try to go to bed.
Both A&J have no problems with Kato or Lindsay.
While it's normal pack behaviour and only temporary, they must be driving you nuts (as well as each other).
Its been quite vicious and pretty scary. Just got to keep calm and see out this storm. The house/garden is big enough to accommodate two dogs who hate each other. The vet, yesterday, tried to advise but then he mentioned rehoming and me and hippy both switched off.

Its wierd - A&K&L are happy to snuggle and wander about together, as are J&K&L. Lindsay gets a bit pist off with Kato for worrying at her mouth. Must think Lindsay is her Mum. Though she also thinks hippy is her Mum.

House smells like zoo but Kato is doing OK at potty training for her age. Not sure she has linked the reward of immense fuss to her actions yet though.
Keeping fingers crossed that things settle down soon. Lmk if there's anything I can do.
Thanks. We could do with socialising Kato a bit more so you and Simon welcome to come over anytime. I am sure a few scuffles in the pack won't scare you away. We have become very adept at splitting them up. When Kato is a little older, I would be grateful if you could take her out in your car. Just to get her confidence up, doing different things with different people.

Kato is on limited exercise, vets instructions, with her being of leggy breed descent.

It'll all work out, A&J are adjusting to the new dynamic. I was upset last night as there was the most dreadful fight. Worst ever. I think they shocked themselves - its all a bit quiet and thoughtful today. Though A&J haven't actually seen each other, except through the window.