kato age two

Katos First Words

Humans: No, Kato, Leave. Don't chew the old dogs tail, Chew this lovely chewy bone.
Kato: Bleurgh
Humans: Kato! Leave the antique, original feature wardrobes alone. Look, a lovely teddy bear. Teddy Bear goes Bop on babies nose! Come on Kato play with Teddy. Leave the CDs, sweetness. Come on hunt Teddy. No? How about Dino the naughty dinosaur, hunt Dino. Kato? No, thats a radiator, not for chewing sugarpuff. Look Dino's giving you dirty peek-a-bo looks. Kato, hunt Dino. Look at shady Dino and shifty Teddy sneaking up to go Bop on Babies Nosey. Kato?
Kato: Zzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzz
Humans: Kato, wake up?
Kato: grumble, Feck Off!

That would be the cute sugarpuffs first words then.
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Awwww! Good thinking on getting her in before there's too much work done that she can undo.

Oh, and awwww!