kato age two

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Kato is settling in remarkably well, considering her role models are either scrapping (Abe & Java) or gobbing up huge lumps of phlegmatic, fluorescent goo and cursing (Lindsay). Humans have decided their assessment of the pack ranking was deeply flawed. The old Dudess Lindsay is actually Top Dog in an elderly matriarch way, Java and Abe it would seem are evenly matched, hence the scrapping and then inseperable buddies the rest of the time. The solution is a back to basics in reasserting their own Top Dogness and also slightly elevating Javas status. But then theres times like these.



Kato is not yet a member of the Collective. Lindsay and Java don't mind Kato following them about, jumping up at them or getting in bed with them. Abe, as expected, is having non of it. Kato seems to want to play mainly with Abe. Abe is intrigued and will hang out near Kato.

It took Hatty weeks before she accepted Abe so we are not worried. As Kato is on a 45 foot training lead, the older dogs can escape to the bottom of the garden when they get fed up of the youngsters boistrous antics. However, if Kato hurts herself or cries, they are all there being concerned.

Lindsays really suffering with Kennel Cough at the moment. And we discovered Java has snapped one of her Canine Teeth, probably embedded in Abe! Katos second jabs are due so its off to the vets probably three times next week.
One strange outcome of all this pack politics is that Looby and Java are closer, in a grown-up, shaking paws and politely sharing bed space type way.
It all sounds like the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times".

Still, 3 months from now you'll be laughing about it (if you're not already).