Humans a-muttering and a-grumbling, only word we can pick out is "Mot!" Humans have no idea of thermo dynamics. Heat control made easy - lie on your back, legs akimbo, exposing front bottom. Allow tongue to loll for drool to drip safely onto waiting copy of Harry Potter book or Guardian TV guide. Occaisional rapid panting with intermittent upside-down all over stretchs. When nicely baked, relocate to cool red tile area of house and pretend to be chainstoking/dead/in labour. Sends humans into entertaining flat panic. Gets 'em every time!

Yesterday, boglin assisted hatty in pointless hole digging, no bone burying (though we haven't actually checked yet) but some sort of alternative groundforce attempt. Odd. Garden now resembles some sort of cheapskate floral tribute. Planted a tree so small it seems a shame to pee on it........

Humans over excited at 4 days to go before Bulldog Bash. Not as excited as us - a whole weekend of Gothic Dogsitters Inc. - can't wait to give eddy those overdue Birthday slobbers.
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