kato age two

UnClean, UnClean........

Lindsay has been gobbing up, in true acking Chav stylee, huge puddles of white, frothy, phelgm. Which Kato then lies in. Ewwwwww. Trip to the Vets reveals its Kennel Cough. "Have you a new dog in the house" said the Vet who amazed both hippy and Lindsay at his ability to find the thermometer receptacle in amongst all that fur. Being an old crumbly, Lindsay is susceptable,but curable, the rest of the Collective are fine.


Kato has two speeds, Off (Asleep) or On (Mental Puppy Coming At Ya In Da House - Speed Gabba Mix). Most of the house contents are now above 4 feet high, the kitchen bin has been locked in the front room and we don't hold out much hope for the sofas. Lindsay and Java  can assert their status with a maternal nip or a sharp Bark. Kato is not yet a full member of the Collective, more the annoying younger sibling who tags along everywhere. Lindsay and Java have no problem with the baby coming to them for sleepy warmth.

Abe is having a hard time, losing a game of Tug to a baby - now thats gotta smart. Abe won't start on the pup though, she starts on Java. But today she was thawing a bit, after all, this is a comrade who can get the lid off the bin with all its tasty contents. And a friend who seems to like playing Chase Fetch as much as she does.

Kato is exploring her world, she is confident, inteligent, sassy and strong. Its easy to forget she is a baby who needs feeding, winding, warmth to sleep, teething toys, limits put on her Bite Play, and can't quite control her bottom. Kato still needs to be on a 15 foot trainer lead in the garden as she can slip through the railings to next door, though the rate she is growing that won't be for long. This evening she had a go on the 30 foot trainer and showed good recall to her name.

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