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The Cuteness is teething so chewing on everything in sight. Human has offered everything out of OUR toy box to Kato - not interested. Spits it out and returns to the comfort of gnawing on a bed throw/shoe/furnitures. Human decides that distraction will help so we doglets are all outside lined up for a game of Slippy Dog, with strict instructions not to trample on Cuteness. Kato not interested, nor in a rousing game of Fetch, nor a game of Biting Faces, nor in any Digging.

Long time friends will remember the humans trying to get us to play with the revolting Disc-O-Dog


Kato thought the Disc-O-Dog, the Gaudy Tasteless Banana Frisbee, the Shell Suit of Dig Toys, was FanBarkinTastic. Human was ecstatic.

Kato got her first clip round the ear today from Lindsay. Theres a time and place for a game of Biting Faces and when your hooters in the waterbowl, that is not the time. Course, she ran crying to the human but as she hasn't learnt to talk yet except "Feed Me" human seemed the none the wiser.

In other news, Stereo Chemistry may have to be missed as humans are dubious about our puppysitting skills and all our regular sitters have lives.

I think you said you were off to a wedding. And if your not, I would rather see you at Stereo Chemistry than you dogsat! We are still debating whether we can leave Kato for longer than 3.5 hours at the moment. She needs feeding often and unlike an older dog, you can't just overfill them :-)

Kato did go 10 hours last night between feeds/toilets but she had her vaccination yesterday so it might be an early one off. A&J just had a scrap too so it probably is too soon for us to leave them.

LOL - and you really don't want to be cleaning up this sloppy puppy poo - its the most minging ever :-) The weaning on to good old chappie seems to be helping tho.
We may yet go to the ball - depends on how short we can make the excursion - friends with car may be staying, but it depends if they mind arriving there really late and leaving really early.

Yeah this Friday, your off to Scotland. We have decided 99% to stay in. Abe and Java had a bit of bloody punch-up last night, so we should wait for the pack politics to sort out.

But thankyou - Hope you have a good weekend away.

Come visit soon though.