kato age two

Official Statement from the Collective

In an press release a SpokesCanine announced

None of us are the mother of the puppy known as Kato that has randomly appeared in the house. We will have nothing to do with "it". "It" is not cute, big or clever.  "It" lets off farts that make even the senile dudess Lindsay cower. Any photographed evidence that the Collective have shared sofa or beds with the one known as Cuteness Sugarpuff are without doubt photoshopped to barkery. We deny categorically that any of us have played Biting Faces or Slippy Dog (with stabilisers) with the aforementioned puppy. And any apparent, emotional, teary, maternal concern on our faces when the puppy is fallen, is a trick of the light and we just had something in our eyes.



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When Jazz was a teenager and had 'forgotten' everything she knew about civilised behaviour her people were told that more GSD's are abandoned, put in shelters and generally given up on at around 18 months than for any other breed. Of course being big and stroppy does tend to put people off and the age old teenage cry of "you don't understand me" was definitly true. But we don't think they understand us now, they had chocolate brownies yesterday and despite all of our pleas and cuteness (including playing bone relay) ate the lot.
"(including playing bone relay)"

That would involve *sharing* of bones. Thats just too wierd SheffDogs.
All the photos are obvious Photoshop jobs, apart from the "sneaking pup next to catatonia dog Java", staged shot.

Snidey remarks aside, looks like you're on the brink of a thawing and it's a sign of dawgee pack-lurve to come ;o)