kato age two


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Awwwwwww soooo cute! *bounce* how's the little one doing? :o)
Kato is fantastic. Curious, highly inteligent and very affectionate. Abe and Java not so keen on the new Canine Feminist but only reacting with indifference and a minor punch-up amongst themselves. Its early days. Lindsay though has shocked us, straight in there as Mummy Dog, pinny on, making cakes, washing nappies and playing peek-a-boo with the youngster (metaphorically of course).

Not bad for a three monther - absolutely stank the car out on the way home. Is on a 15 foot training lead whenever out in the garden - had a bit of a poo incident at 2-30am but thats to be expected. Still a babe so does wet the bed. However, did do a big, steaming heap in the garden which hippy and I stood, pointing and being jubilant.
We told the rescue woman about you yesterday. Fionna felt you sounded like the perfect owner for a powerful dog and as for "lack of experience" she felt that was a nonsense, its more about committment, understanding, fitness, motivation Where did the breeders get their experience from? Everyone has a First Dog.

Fionna had a beautiful 14 month rotty (with tail) called Daniel but he has an expensive heart condition so not for rehoming. (we asked) He was being shouted at by a tiny Pug but just *knew* not to punch it one. Still quite puppy like at 14 months. I have been reading today about how the bigger breeds take longer to mature.
Except........she is the same size as Abe. Theres a picture behind a cut on an LJ entry from yesterday, with Kato on boglins lap - gives an idea of her size. And I swear she has grown today.

So when are Gothic Dogsitters Inc. (tm) coming over to visit the Collective? I know your busy next weekend.
Not sure yet but will let you know. Am very much looking forward to meeting the newest member of the collective! :o)