kato age two

Dog Four Installed Into Collective

Today our humans did a 370 mile round trip to collect Kato. Kato has been tested with dogs, horses and boglin s. Our soppiest thanks to boglin  for looking after us doglets while humans were away and supporting us through that difficult first hour when the new doglet is installed.

The sanctuary where Kato was living with her Mum is an incredible place. Met at the gate by several dogs of non-Crufts disposition. But so loved, so cared for, so free. Daniel, the rotty (with tail) has an expensive heart condition but is the soppiest lad ever. The blind old Dane gent who bumps into things but searches out humans for affection. The affectionate pug, discarded because she couldn't make money/pups anymore. The dog with a bit of leg missing just nosing your hand for a bit of fuss before jetting off to play with the others. Affectionate Summer, the slim cross breed whippety collie jack russelly girl who lies on the table and gazes into your eyes. Many, many others. On the one paw your faith in humankind is challenged, on the other paw, there are wonderful, selfless people like Fionna at the sanctuary, whose patient, endless, accepting kindness gives these dogs some hope and a comfy, free place to await their forever home.

And then we met peaceful, motherly Tia, Katos mum, found in a park in Ireland, alone, dumped and discarded to bring up her pups.

 Kato was the last to be rehomed. (Tia is still waiting if anyone wants a beautifully tempered, loyal, calm German Shepherd)

tested with boglins.

yes, big for 13 weeks

Older Canine Feminist keeps beady eye on youngster

Kato travelled well, slept most of the way except to  pong out the car with puppy squitty bum and to be cooed over by entire population of service stations. Arrived at Collective HQ and was v. scared by new pack. Burst into floods of tears and did growly noises. Dinnertime was a conumdrum of "Will the real Top Dog , please stand up". Lindsay stepped back from her bowl to let the youngster get a nose in. Abe and Java swallowed their meal in nanoseconds to get to the pups bowl - but this left their bowls not quite "washed up" for the pup to explore for scraps.

Lindsay has elected herself as Mother - Java is just Java and ignoring the babe, Abe is curious & meepy jealous, new babe is same size as her and has usurped her status as being the Only Cuteness in the Village.  

Four dogs is probably about right.