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A sad announcement for underground dance in Birmingham. Apparently Skankadelic will be the last decent dance thing at Subway City - dunno if this has implications for gothworld.


"We've had a bit of bad news  this September Stereo Chemistry will be the last one at Subway City. we went in to take some flyers on friday and was told that from mid October every Friday night (the only night you could book for private parties) is going to be "Revolution" an Indie night apparently they get 1,000 people in over the 3 rooms. they don't expect it to go on all night and I bet the bar does a lot more trade. It's a sad day for Stereo Chemistry and for dance music in Birmingham in general Subway City had hosted nights by clubs like Spacehopper, Atomic Jam and sundissential.

This just means that we are really going to party  on the 10th september because you can't kill the Stereo Chemistry spirit  and it means that we are on the lookout for a new venue if anyone has any sugestions of places in Birmingham let me know"

I wasn't expecting it, but wasn't at all surprised when you told me.

It's an arse as I was planning to miss Stereo Chem, I've a mate down that weekend and reckon he'd hate it. Guess I'll have to say goodbye to my spirtual home at Skankadelic.
The only place I could think of to suggest to Anton was the Dance Factory. How could your friend not love beadwearing pswirly hippies!?

When is the next HOG?
But where are hippy and I to go and shakefoot in the future? The fashion police won't let us into regular clubs :-(