kato age two

Mainly for ScaryBex

Just been down to the pond to have lunch with the Aquatic Division of the Collective. Issac Pode appears to have a moustache! She has always had a silvery marking on her chin which is how we can tell her and Eddy Stobert apart. (Though Eddy has grown a lot, not as big as Norbert though) But this is different, its more white than silver. I am sure it wasn't there yesterday. Issac did have some lunch but seemed to prefer being in the shallower part of Pondville.

hippy has e-mailed his fish fanatic friend as he mentioned he had some stuff to put in the water if this happened.

Do you think we should get Issac out of the pond for awhile?
Thanks. Yes, it look like cotton wool. Going to get something to treat the pond tomorrow and do a partial water change. We have a plastic bin that we only use for water changes. hippys fish fanatic friend said to give it about ten days and if that doesn't work then he has something special to try for poorly Issac.

I hope we can get her better before its time for them to go sleepy-byes down the bottom of Pondville over winter.
Fish Fanatic has reccomended "The Pond Doctor" to treat the pond.
Paws/fins/fingers crossed that it does the trick.

hippy will be down there tomorrow, obsessing with his potions and litmus paper