kato age two

Humans In Phantom Pregnancy Puzzler

Our humans are acting mighty wierd. Packing things BACK into boxes after all the shennanigans of taking it all out. And even more wierd, they are packing the unused shower up with anything remotely chewable. But we grew out of that puppyish stuff years ago. They have bought more baskets and dog bed stuff. Really generous of them but seems excessive. Lindsay reckons they might be in phantom pregancy or summat, and we should just humour them.

Theres a lock gone on the bedroom door but thats probably since the Clumsy Java cracked the pane shouting at Posty. Theres a new lead appeared but no excited humans trying it on any of us "Suits you miss" Now they are rummaging through Abes paw-me-down collars.

Four dogs would be way too many. Even our humans wouldn't be *that* stupid.
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