kato age two

GSD / Rottie Cross

Attention CutieTroll and anyone else who wants to talk us in........errrrr....talk us out of it.

Theres beautiful GSD/rottie cross pups (girls) on Dog Forum - eleven weeks old and hee-uge. Probably gone now as they are beautiful and cute. Anyone any experience or thoughts on this combination of dog ingrediants.

Con - Being sensible - its probably too soon to upload a new doglet into the pack as we are still settling into the new territory. Nervous about a new dog as elderly dudess Lindsay may be impatient of a new pup, Abe's jealousy, Java might need to assert her Top DogNess which may also have consequences for Abe & Linds. Bit unsure about the rottie part of the doglet - might eat the delicious Prey thinly disguised as Little Abe. The house is chaotic so probably not totally safe for a curious chewy young 'un. hippy looks uncertain. The pups are in Wales.

Pro - But theres room here to work round the storming of pack dynamics - (funkenstein and I lived through the Abe/Java Jihad and lived to tell the tail). Nows the ideal time to housetrain as most of the groundfloor is yet to be "floored" The pup is young enough to learn her place before she gets bigger, faster, stronger than the rest of the Collective. Theres never a right time apparently (or was that human babies?) Java is pushing six so bringing a babe in will give a youthful blast to the aging collective. (Games of Slippy Dog are sometimes ignored in favour of Sofa, Changing Rooms and a good book). The puppy matches the Collective colour scheme. (Black & Tan, fluffy ala Lindsay)
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I have some excellent books on this, which is obviously no help at all. If the cross inherits the traits of its parents then it's liable to be very smart, dominant and probably bark at everything. Both rottie and GSD need lots of time spent training or they get bored and wreck the place.

Rotties are always challenging for pack dominance, which could prove... interesting... with the current dogs you have. Also as you say, puppy proofing would need to happen. As it says in my book "Owners of small dogs come home and wonder why Fifi has been chewing on their best table leg. Owners of rottweilers come home and wonder where their table leg has gone".

Ultimately it is down to you, but personally I would be a bit hesitant. There is a lot of other stuff going on (in terms of house) and managing to split time equally between four dogs, especially when one is a puppy, could be quite a task.
Noted. I did send an e-mail to the rescue saying that we are interested but I think we might be too far for a homecheck, plus we are probably quite far down the queue. Paws crossed that it would only be Java who felt usurped from Top Dog position. Lindsay seems to be accepting of her elderlyness these days. That Abe still winges, but apart from the odd silliness has accepted Java as Top Dog.

Heh! I worked with someone who had a rottie pup, very destructive (prolly bored) she shut said dog in the kitchen. It took door off its hinges. She replaced door and came home to a pup shaped hole in the wall.