kato age two

Abe's Rambling

Bit of a fracas at dinnertime on Monday. Lindsay left a few morsels - I found mine nose in the same bowl as That Psycho Java. Darn near took my ears off. Now I'm all scabby, its less than 2 weeks to the Bulldog Bash, and Gothic Dogsitters Inc are coming over for a weekend of partying. I wanted to look my cutest.....not like some RSPCA advert.

We did the TrustFlow trust metric test (we haven't worked out links yet) and got 50 close non friends. On closer scrutiny we discover that 12 out of the 50 are cats. The other 38 appear to be goths. Cool.

Lindsays breath has improved with antibiotics which makes her less interesting in a doggy sort of way. Humans need to go munting, they are becoming annoying and suburban, talking about DIY,laminated flooring,grumbling when we blemish the newly seeded lawn.

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