kato age two

Skunk and Pink Sweetys

Lindsay went to the vets this evening to check out the headbanging, head rubby on furniture routine and stiff back legs thing. In the waiting room, was a doddery old collie cross (errr....pot, kettle there Looby!), a cat in a box, a labrador with a very hoarse bark, two terriers, one of whom refused to walk when their names were called out and a skunk. The skunk was a beautiful, affectionate, dainty little soul whose relationship with his owner was a touching sight.

Lindsay behaved beautifully with the vet, not grumbling once when the periscope went down her ear. Her cracked tooth is inflamed, so she is back on the Pink breath sweetening antibiotics. At 13.5 years, surgery is to be avoided so paws crossed. The vet suggested some sort of food supplement for the arthritics - our humans are cynical and will research it first.