kato age two

Raiders of the Lost Bark

Theres something pongy and interesting buried at the bottom of the garden. What can it be? A mysterious force draws us to this forgotten area of brambles. Digging continued late into the night until the humans shouted at us for making holes. Then shouted even more when they realised how mucky we were. The ground is dry hindering excavation, but the site is very close to the fishpond - and accidents will happen.

Our human would do well to check for slugs and snails before strimming the garden. Splattered slug is probably not harmful to the skin and she did smell lovely.
"My money's on a dead cat, or what's left of it."

Ewwwwwwww - my dogs seem to have a talent for locating dead pets!

Pleased to read about your new romance btw, she sounds lovely. You must both come over, when we have some semblance of order in the new house.