kato age two

Hot Weather Alerts

Our human once read that if your dog overheats, a cool wet towel must be wrapped around the steaming canine furnace. Today she senses that window of opportunity, stalking us around the garden, constantly enquiring if we are Steamy Hot Babes.

Last night Lindsay worried the humans by dragging her Back Left and having her head tilted on one side. There was mention of an early morning vet, so Lindsay was up with the sun and took Java's shift of Posty worrying, just to prove it was just a bit of cramp. Vet is postponed till Monday. Lindsay is doing press-ups and cartwheels, though taking care not to overheat.

Humans will not be going to Insurrection tonight as Sunday Bham to Wolves public transport doesn't start until well after our bladders will have burst. We are sans dogsitters so humans can't mong at Castle Funkenstein and Insurrection doesn't warrant a twenty quid taxi fare.
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