kato age two

Hasta La Vista Doggy

balsall_heathan will guffaw when he sees our new guttering, its very white and very Mrs Bucket.

We have a shiny new TV aeriel on the roof, this is the end of civalisation as we know it, our humans have never been great telly watchers but are now off to buy a Free View Box. Not quite planning their viewing with a highlighter pen but its a slippery slope.

Barking of slippery slopes, Slippy Dog has become Olympic Relay Style Tom&Jerry chases. Java chasing Abe into the house then seconds later reappearing with Abe chasing Java. Leaving Lindsay spinning as they race past, just as she steadys herself they return and knock her spinning the other way. As Lindsay steadys herself once more, she is flattened cartoon style as A&J race over her.

Then like K9 out of Dr Who, Lindsays eyes turn red, the lights come on and the clumsy old bird decides to join in. Being partially sighted and mad as a biscuit, this is dangerous. This is  Insanity Slippy Dog with fangs, reckless Dogmageddon.  The humans shot in doors, Abe and Java dived for cover in the foliage as the geriatric death machine demolished the garden with her dervish whirling. Plant pots, gravel, building materials and garden tools were left strewn accross the garden. A Lindsay shaped hole in the rose bushes. Then all is quiet, Lindsay ambles back into the house with half the garden in her fur.

Abe: Life in the Old Mutt Yet! Whats the score?

Java: Woofed if I Know.