kato age two

Slippy Dog

This house is like, so cool. We have always played Slippy Dog (well, we put Lindsay in goal cos that bitch is like so rough and clumsy, we just don't tell her that there is no goalkeeper in Slippy Dog). In our new house we can play Speed Slippy Dog. Yesterday we invented Dirt Slippy Dog (Yay for compost heaps and piles of mud/soil).
Today, the Mother of All Slippys, Speed Dirt Slippy Dog! FanBarkinTasic! Hurtling through freshly dug soil. If its just rained its even more Wooftastic! Leaping over the pond, heads down through the rose bushes. Canine Red Devils at the speed of light. Heading each other off by the gate, round the pile of bricks, short cut through the outbuilding, skidding accross the gravel drive spraying gravel everywhere, a quick lap round the entire house,under the bed, over the sofa, under the table. Tricky 360 degree turns mid air over the humans, somersaulting backwards, dive bombing under each other, wheel spinning to a halt.

Like Canine Samouri we stop, play bow, stare each other out circling one another, then play bow again, then Whammo! off for another hurtle.

Abe even outran Java in one particularly fast game. We have both lost weight and our fuel has had to be increased.

Life is Sweet.
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You might want to wait awhile before playing Slippy Dog with Amy

Slippy Dog - Basic Rules

Run at/beside your opponent(s).
Just before almost colliding bark “Slippy” and hurtle off again.
Repeat manoeuvre using stealth, skill, speed, tactics and poise
Score a Slippy Dog by pushing your opponent with top end paws, or hips and barking Slippy Dog
Extra point for Toppling Opponents.

Offside Rule:
The dog is offside when the Slippy is scored when the dog is mincing nonchalently pretending not to be playing.
I know she's fast (like when I dropped the lead in the park - zoiks!), I just never thought she'd outfast fast dog Java.

S'a good job I don't bet on horsey racing.