kato age two

The Abes and the Bees

Abe was found befriending a Strangely Mongy Bee. Curiously batting it with one paw. Our human SCWEAMED, as Abe is potentially,  fatally allergic to stinging beastys.

"Leave it Babes!" human squeaked "Pretty biscuits" and threw several "pretty" biscuits to distract Abe from her new friend.

Our human (now this is barking funny) awoke with a start to discover a hole in her leg on Monday, which was soon swollen to size of tennis ball. Blamed on delayed gnat bite from glade festival. Stoned Gnat obviously.  Hippy later found a Lazy Bee ambling accross the landing and carefully disposed of it. Still the Bonio didn't drop.

The builders arrived to build firebreak in the attic, installed a temporary light and then felt they were being watched, they turned slowly and were face to face with lots of surprised bumbly bees rubbing their eyes.

An Invocation of Bee Man was duly performed (24 hour call-out, discreet van for all your Pest Problems) who arrived today and we are now officially  Without Bees (3 month guarantee). Abe, however, is to be signed on with new local Vet ASAP and an adrenalin pen acquired. Sneaking up on our humans and going "Bzzzzzzzzzzzt" is like, so funny. 


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Just a thought but I wonder if it would be worth having some tubing to be kept with the pen in case you need to intubate if the mouth is stung. Might buy some time...
Thats a good idea, as its her mouth and neck that swell restricting her airway wherever she is stung.