kato age two

Abes Moving Day

Abes day went badly. Abe had become more fretful as each day the possessions in the Bearwood house disappeared. Then forcibly bundled into the car. A telling off for Houdini-ing out of her harness. Whinged all the way to Wolverhampton. Then she dived in the fishpond in pursuit of the FishFood.

The large van pulled up and out jumped the Sheff-Dogs, German Shepherd Jaz and cute spaniel Penny. Their humans were discussing how if German Shepherds hear meepy whining, they think its prey.

"Bark me!" exclaimed Java "Jaz has set a removals company up" "And got herself a sidekick" grumbled Lindsay "Whatever you do, don't play Slippy Dog with Jaz, she plays dirty. Lets Hide in this raspberry bush"

"Lindsay!" meeped Abe "Are you going to punch Jaz one" "Errr, maybe, but for now we'll just stay in this bush. Tactics Abe, tactics"

"Ay Up Lindsay!" boomed Jazz " What you doing in that bush, lass. It'll snag your fur. Come here and give us a kiss" "Geroff" squirmed Lindsay then indicated towards Penny "Whats that anyway?"

"Bark only knows, it makes gurgling noises, squeaks and meeps endlessly"  replied Jaz "Plays havoc with my instincts"

Overwhelmed by the thought of competing with four dogs for food & fuss, not to mention being thought of as prey, Abe did what any self respecting small dog would do and started a fight with Java. Not the visitors, but Java. One mashed ear later.

A few hours later and the Collective were waving the Sheff-Dogs goodbye.





Its something to do with me & Jazz that sets her off, as it wouldn't happen if I am not there. And she completly ignored Penny who is of comparable size. Funny Little Dog.
Indeed. Abe has Small Dog Syndrome. What time are you collecting Amy? I think I have to wait till Sunday before I get to see any photos.
We are off to the Glade Festival tomorrow, back Sunday. Amy probably won't be up for posing until Monday anyway. Are you sticking with the name by the way? I think its a fine name for a doglet. Though these three answer far more promptly to "Little Baby Biscuit" than their given names.
Hum, think I may have to use my body as a shield
between Abe and the fishpond :o)
Heh! Though I doubt Abe will be interested in the fishpond with you and Eddy here to play/snuggle with. I forgot to remind Eddy to feed the fish. Fishfoods beside sink beside the back door. About a handful before it goes dark.