kato age two

Calling Eddy and Dr Funkenstein.

Finally, the gates went up, so we can at last move. Are we ready to move? Course we're not. However, we will be installed by next weekend. Glade weekend. Our trusty dogsitters need to come over and have a look at how to get in, collect keys and work out times etc. Its still a building site but 2/3 rooms are functional and fairly brick dust free.

Java is going over tomorrow to suss out all the escape routes that humans have't noticed so they can block them off - Killjoys! Java is just too stoopid to keep the information classified.

eddy_  and balsall_heathan  When are you free?
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We will be over on Sat & Sun from 1pm onwards. As there is no air-lock like Bearwood house, entrance is safest through the new gate, and then the back door. I will text/ring Eddy tomorrow am if he hasn't replied. Simon, you might want to delete or lock posty your phone numbers - you never know whose reading as its not a friends only post.