kato age two

An ill wind.......

Phooooo......that lifted me fur. Pharp, Phoooooo, Fooooeey, Pip, Pip! By crikey, we could raise the Titanic with these!
Humans found a packet of chipshop/chinese curry type mix last evening, and made way too much. We each got a portion on our evening meal (a light blend of Pals finest Chicken & Turkey, served on a bed of crunchy mixer, with Milky Biscuits for dessert). This morning we doglets are letting off Parps that have our humans cowering, looking like El Dringos with scarves tied over their faces. We are highly amused.

Humans has an attack of sense last night and decided against Free Inukshuk as there is far too much packing, painting and staining too. Its the Glade in two weeks, tickets arrived this morning.
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I was all over the place! yeah, i saw the glade festi advert at glasto but not going. looks good though ^_^ rowf?