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How to Cancel your Broadband or How Long is A Month Really

Haven't actually used the globalnet broadband for over six months preferring the reliable demon via hippy.

Day 1:Ring up customer service who will advise you to give one months notice by fax. And then ring up the next day to check they have received the fax.

Day 2:Yes, they have received the fax but its been passed to the broadband team for consideration. Huh? And no, you can't speak to them. But you can e-mail.

Day 4: No response to the email. So ring up again - its still with the broadband team and they will get back to you.

Day 6: Ring up again - stress you are moving, it needs cancelling. Yes, the broadband team are very busy and will get back to you. Today? yes today

Day 8: Ring up again. Yes they will get back to you. Or you could e-mail. OK, Mrs*(!!!!!!!) Hemming, within two hours, I promise,someone will call you

Day 8: 4 hours later, ring again, Yes, Mrs* Hemming, theres no need to be like that, just transferring you now to the broadband team.
Cancel? OK you must give us one months notice by fax.........You don't even want the dial-up..

Alledgedly its now been cancelled with immediate effect so hatty@globalnet is no more. Told em to shove their spam infested dial-up.  A locked post will follow with her new e-mail address. Most readers only (non LJ peeps) already have new e-mail address.

*Our human was never called Mrs even when she *was* married. 80s card carrying feminists are never called Mrs. Unless its Missus and its a term of endearment.