kato age two

Zen Dogism - The Tao of Names

A: Lindsay, learned old dudess, you got a minute?
L: Of course Little Abe what troubles you?
A: I'm fed up of being called Little Abe, Cute Baby Abe, Small Abekins, Sugarpuff, Sweetness, Little Baby Biscuit. I want a name that conveys dignity, majesty and strength. Java is named after a volcano/computer thingy and your named after a really bad 70s singer-songwriter. Scary things. I am named after a Sony Playstation cartoon character that farts and giggles. And thats so not me! And not scary
L: Well, Lit....ahem Abe, you could do a poll on Live Journal for a new name.
A: Thats not very Zen Dogist!
L: We must move with the times Tiny........err I mean Abe
A: I want a name like Satan, or Asteroth, or Cerberus
L: Or Thunder, or Boadicia Queen of the Iceni, or Shep....
A: Shep? Thats brilliant. That'll strike a cold fear into the heart of man. Yeah, I can be called Shep.