kato age two

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Humans spent the day clumpimg algae with Potions of Clearwater, staining wood (and themselves) and snickering at the Japanese Knotweed as it splutters from the latest chemcial assault.

"The Move" is underway, hippy has been instructed to put his pance into a box so chest of drawers could be moved. This leaves a very tempting box of underwears right under our noses. Abe once answered the door wearing hattys Marks&Spencers best. Your mother was right about underwear, you never know when your going to get run over, or when your dog will wear your raggy skidders to greet visitors.

Tonight they go to Insurrection, and we try our doggy damnedest to get the top off Lindsays psychotrophic medication bottles.

Anyone for a game of Slippy Dog Pants Scattering?