kato age two

Trippy Loved Up Abe

Lindsay doesn't really need her drugs hidden in food but last night hippy thought he would put her Phenobarbitone and Potassium Bromide in some left over mashed potato. "Bleurgh" she grumbled "No salt" and spat it out. The Swift Abe siezed the mash, GULP, and it was gone.

Abe is prone to allergic and bad reactions to drugs, such as the vaccinnation, and the dog valium she once had. The humans anxiously watched Abes every move. The Trippy Loved Up Abe followed Lindsay round all evening, talking bollux and being very affectionate. And again one of the side effects was acute politeness and unsettling obediance. Instead of the usual panic howls of "Me bums on Barkin Fire" to request the toilet, the Stoned Abe meeped a polite request and then waited patiently to be let out into the garden. Usually she tries to shoulder the door open.

In the garden, the Mellow Abe marvelled at Mother Natures beautiful universe. "Look at all the pretty colours Man" she barkled softly "Far Out Man"

And today? No hangover - she is singing "Java is a W*nker" on repeat while mooning in Java's face. Phew!