Jazz says "I'm supposed to fit in that?"
Penny says "But I won't be able to see out of the window, or bounce around in excitment"
Knowing our cheapskate humans they will try to fit all us doglets into one capsule!
That looks pretty smart.

Are there any Java pics without hats, or is she turning into some, er, weird, er hat chick?

Is there such thing as a hat chick, weird or not?

[buggers off for a lie down]
Bring over hats of your choice and Java will gladly model them.

What you doing this weekend pet? We are indecisive, sanctuary or floor stripping? Theres that party Friday. What yow doing?
Possibly Sanc. Tony and Paul are playing the main room, never heard Ting, Iain Buke's doing the HH room.

Its that or lock the door and break out the lager for 3 nights.

What party?
Isn't it the last ever HoG tommorrow (or sometime soon). That could just be a rumour though.

I'll e-mail you about party - your certainly invited - bet you just don't remember . We prob not going though.

We probably do sanctuary too - Ting is in HH room, is hard and fast (ooher missus) Did the extreme clubbing 3 CD. Resident at Torture Garden.
It's the last HoG for the summer, apart from HoG v Capsule next month (that may be just the residents, tho, and nowt to do with Chris). The source of your rumour has come out with some alarmist nonsense in the past, though I'd not be surprised if this one was right. :o\
That will last approximately 20 seconds I reckon...

10 seconds if there is something interesting outside of the tube to be investigated...
We think the idea is that dog is trapped inside when the car doors are shut. And surely three dogs bouncing round the car is less dangerous than three tubes of dog bouncing round the car. The car would be like one of those "Can O Worms" magic party tricks when the door opens.

Happy Birthday to your human by the way. Give him a licked nose from us.