kato age two

New Fish in the Parish

A big warm aquatic welcome to the latest additions to the Collective, Issac Pode (thankyou quercus  ) and Eddie Stobart splashed in at Pondville to keep Norbert Dentrassangle company. One of each gender, as its uncertain what gender Norbert is, or indeed which side of the church he/she sits on, so all options covered there.

 Issac, Eddie and Norbert did some fishy bonding type rituals, funny fin shakes, a game of Slippy Fish and then dissappeared to the deepest, darkest depths of Pondville to discuss ground rules, who gets to sleep in the wet patch etc. Issac and Eddies welcome is especially aquatastic warm as it distracted our humans from our Annual Bath. Phew!

With three aquatics in the pack, one or two of them possibly male, it occurred to us canines that our identitiy as Canine Feminist Collective is compromised. So taking a lead from New Labour we have changed a few rules without any consultation with our members. Not that we are Fishist or anything, but Full Membership of the Collective can only be given to members who have paws/hands.  

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What's worse ?


That you knew.

That now I know too.

OTOH, I did once sex an iguana.
I really don't recommend that.

Glad to hear of Isaac's naming 8-)
what about feathers?

it just makes it easier for me to decide who i cant eat.

actually, trotters and hooves havent been mentioned. there's pigism and horsism going on too....

never mind giraffeism....