kato age two

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Our human was awoken by the back gate being kicked in. A helicopter in the sky. Police cars speeding up and down our road. A policeman with torch searching the gardens, accompanied by a very distracted PC Dog busily sniffing our "little messages".

We doglets slept through the whole thing. We have some explaining to do. Not quite the Premier Class Guarding we are renowned for. We will make up for it today with random barkfests at passing children.

PC Dog left us a "little message" on the back gate and we have spent all morning obsessing over its meaning. "Sorry about your gate" perhaps.
Police probably in pursuit of dangerous criminal types but Highly Trained, can't distract me, PC Dog was distracted by the scent of not one but three hot,luscious bitches. This has led the doglets to be discussing whether or not they would go out with a copper, which makes a change from them squabbling over the Offside Rule of Slippy Dog.