kato age two

A Plea from the Collective

Its that time of year again when the humans take complete leave of their senses and insist on submerging us in soapy water. Apparently, falling in the pond (twice)

http://floot.demon.co.uk/house/pond/pond05.jpg does not count as a bath.
The date of the torture is scheduled for next weekend if the weather is good. Please send letters of protest about this vile attrocity to our humans. Please, we implore you, don't just sit back thinking it will never happen to you. As Lindsay takes several weeks to dry out there is talk of a hairdryer.....what next.....curling tongs?
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You could always get your own back by giving the humans great big hugs as soon as you get out of the bath! :oP
You could be on to something there.....a game of Wet Slippy Dog. Thanks for playing Slippy Dog with us yesterday btw.