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Emotional scenes as Norbert Dentrasangle transferred into his new pond today. A complicated process involving testing ph, temperature testing, plant arranging and Norbert hanging out in a plastic sandwich bag for 20 minutes. Worrying for Norbert as it had Tesco written on the side. Norbert was puzzled but within an hour he was having the most joyous exploratory swim of his life. But see, dogs are infinitely less complex, who tests baskets for ph?

In other house news - plastering is nearly finished, upstairs decorating is underway, cupboard at top of stairs is being demolished. On moving the doorway in kitchen it was discovered the entire rear of house was held up on one crumbly brick. Humans are becoming immune at each revelation of how fally down and financially draining the house is. Outbuildings are down bar one, which needs to be tested for asbestos. Wrought Iron Javaproof gates & railings are costing a paw and a leg. Ah well,its only money.

And the latest attack on the Japanese Knotweed - hmmmm - thats gotta sting!
We were nervous, just hope he's still as happy and well when we go over today. Going to get him some mates soon - errrr - will he eat them? I had a goldfish years ago called Peter the Rocket (don't ask!) and everytime I tired to introduce a friend he would go all psycho.

How is the new house? Have you actually moved in or are you between two places?