kato age two

Being a Dog is Fab

To the untrained eye, it looks like a frothing, delirious, insane and rabid dog. Wreckless diving playbows without thought to her own safety, snarling manically as she terrorises her football and throws herself full circle, bum in the air, repeatedly. Insanity Dog - or Lindsay just really pleased to see two of her favourite people boglin and  balsall_heathan </span> 

No lupercal much to Javas disappointment. Java searched for him by the front door then put her "going out" face on. Last three times boglin has visited, Java has been on an outdoor adventure. Java kept sitting perfectly waiting for her harness to be put on, then unable to contain herself went to the front door again. But happily settled for being Soppy Dog on boglins lap.

Abe bursting with joy at the visitors kept dive bombing and farting with excitement.Being a dog is just fab sometimes.  

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It was fun. I'm sure Lindsay's _never_ that been happy to see me before.

I failed in my plan to raspberry Abe. I came close, but she's getting wise to my tactics.
She used to do that in her younger days while hippy was getting undressed for bed - could last 10 minutes or more.

Put a stop to it though; hid under chair and put out a claw
full of razor blades and gave a swipe as she passed. What fun.

Lilo (cat)
No, dogs are so cruel. Dogs mix their food with square non-food stone things and expect us cats to search through it for the good bits.


Luckily I had mine trained not to interfere with the procedure.