kato age two

Spinny Dog With No Brakes

"yeah, Bark Off, yer Big Woofin Cat Java. You smell of barking soap you do. Ah, Bark off yourself, you wear wussy perfume you do. See that big nosed, sticky legged, mongo, feline, pansy dog, thats you that is. Wheeeee, watch me, spinny dog with no brakes on the slippy red tile floor....."

That would be Abe completly back to normal then
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Any chance of a nip over for a "glad you're well again" raspberry on the head (and one for Abe too) this weekend.
Of course! We will be in from about 8pm on the evenings and before 12 on mornings. Spending a lot of time over at the house atm, painting and things.
Yaaaaaaay for a healthy baby Abe!
Must get Gothic Dogsitters Inc on the case soon! :o)
Hurrah for Abe!

Do you need Java's walking kipple back? Can drop it round tonight or tomorrow, if that's any use?
We will be in tomorrow evening from six onwards - be lovely to see you if you can make it over.
The little angel is back to her usual self. I am having a real think about her next vaccination though as she was quite poorly and bewildered.