kato age two

Sundays Pup

J&L: Oy, Abe, we're going up the garden to bark pointlessly, chew grass and do random destructive stuff, you coming?
A: Errr, no, thanks.
J&L: Come on Abe! We're gonna play Slippy Dog Neighbour Baiting, your favourite.
A: No, really guys, I think I'll just stop in, read my book, maybe get an early night.

WTF was in the second vaccination? Abes much brighter than yesterday but spookily quiet, polite, obediant, well mannered.
Just a note to echo your "WTF?"

Abe, hope you is back to the eejit dog we all know and love soon.

[get well raspberry on Abe's head]
Little Abe is certainly quieter than her usual Dog of Chaos. Makes me wonder seriously about the whole vaccination thing. Read an article in Your Dog and various things on the net - really divided opinions. Its never affected her before.........worry........