kato age two


Its worrying to see the Fidget Abe so quiet, meek and barely able to get upstairs. Abe is usually a busy little dog that never sleeps or keeps still.  Has Little Abe been on the vodka?

  Abe had second vaccination injection at vets this evening. Human had been remiss and annual vaccination was overdue, hence a second injection. Abe has never reacted before, but she does have a critical bee/wasp sting allergy, so any reaction is worrying. But its an injection she has had annually for all of her 6 years and 8 months so unlikely to be a critical reaction. Bee stings make her swell up, break out in huge hives, do yellow poo and respiratory collapse. Subsequent stings will make the window between sting  and treatment/death shorter - hence the vigilence with Abe and yellow/black striped beastys.

The paperwork says some dogs do react by feeling under the weather for a day or so. It was a different vet so maybe they didn't spot that from being on the Abekins diet she is over 2kg lighter than last year. Same thing happened when she was "done" - far too much anaesthetic and she was out cold for a worrying 2 days. Abe looks more heavy/sturdy than she actually is.

Abe managed her tea, but her mungry dance was half hearted, feeble and in slow motion. Probably nothing that a good nights sleep won't sort out - if the humans would just stop prodding and fussing. 

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