kato age two

Call the RSPCA, Rolf, Pet Rescue, Canine Defence League........

Today we have been mostly tortured. What is it with humans and submerging everything in soapy water? Its going to take months for Lindsay to dry out. Humans lathered us up like wussy cartoon dogs. We stood passively, tails down, meeping meekly. Though the game afterwards of shake&roll in mud and getting tangled in ivy was fun. Lindsay waited to do a fantastic all-over shake when we came back indoors, Man, that Bitch can hold some water.

Humans went to Supersonic last night, some sort of electronic arts festival. At the Custard Factory, an interesting venue which attracted a large and very mixed audience. Humans didn't find where to buy bottled water until late, were given pints of water which they rented a space under the Coil t-shirt stall to keep them. Bottles of water eventually located - GLASS bottles - unusual and a bit dangerous. hatty wanted to see Coil, tho'described them as two eskimo's fiddling wierdly with electronic boxes. Quite liked noisy sub-bass people, possibly called PCM. Enjoyed LCD Soundsytem, Jon Spencer Blues explosion meets 80s disco. hippy was intrigued by the avantgarde, arty, leftfieldness of Pram (or pants depending on which human you ask) Danced a bit to some funky house mixed up beats type stuff. Skipped in at 4am and played Tangerine Dream, some gothic vinyl(!) and then some decent Zog mixes. We got usual "bit-tipsy" double biscuits and loads of fuss.
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