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J:This is Stealth Dog calling Combat Dog, do you read me?
L:OK Stealth Dog, I read you, whats the situation out on the field?
J:We got a situation here Combat Dog to the east of our territory.
L:What you got Stealth Dog?
J:Seems like some kind of burger situation with relish, buns and chicken legs? Dodgy nu-metal music, carling black label and cheap lambrusco.
L: I think its called a Neighbours Bar-B-Q. I think you need back up there, I'm coming out with Comedy Dog, just hold on tight. Red Alert. All Units Scramble. Situation Burger.
J: I'm going in! - Dog Bless the Collective!!

L: Stealth Dog? Do you read? Come in Stealth Dog! Oh My Dog, your breaking up.....
J: I,m OK - they are fleeing, theres burgers everywhere, with mayo...slurp!

hatty human: JAVA!!!! get back over this fence, This Instant. You naughty dog!....I'm so sorry...its OK, really, she's dead friendly, wouldn't bite anyone, just the smell of the food... err, you should perhaps just give her that burger your holding....Java, home! now!
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