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Humans off to garden centre today to buy additional reinforcements for the newly constructed Javaproof fence and some aquatic foliage for the newly rennovated pond. Pond now home to a huge, beautiful Toad. (sorry  balsall_heathan ) Tiny the Newt appears to have fecked off in disgust after spending two nights in the bucket.

Norbert Dentrasangle the Fish is attracting the attention of the local cats who arrive by the dozen with nets and fishing rods. Sooner he moves in to his new pond the better. Or at least until the Collective arrive to secure the area from the Cat Infidels. Norbert can also have some mates move in when he relocates, who will also be named after famous haulage companies.

Builders demolished the outbuildings which until the new fence goes up gives the neighbour a free run round Triffid Central.

Presents for Knotweed despising humans -



More complex & heavy job than it looked, needed more precision than wanton sledgehammer flinging :-)

Never mind, you can help hippy build his obilisk (sp?).
Norbert D here...

I'd say so!!! Any plump goldfish caught under the roof when it came down would be flat as a plaice.

Hippy told me about my new friend, Eddie Stobart. Says it's 50:50 that I should hope he's a girl.(??)

There goes plump fish-stick thing... floop.... bah, a leaf. :-(

Did I tell you about the roof coming down, flat as a plaice Eddie was, eek.

Oh yeah, hippy told me something. Err, was it about plaice... err?

Fish stick at 3 O'Clock.... ploffff.... no, just a leaf.


Hey, did I tell you about the roof? Flat as a plaice it was when hippy fell on it. Well, something like that anyway. Think I've just spotted a fish stick, just wait there, I'll be back... sploosh...
Can we have Isaac Pode please !

Isaac Pode were based in York sometime in the mid-80s and had big purple lorries. They'd sit throbbing at traffic lights outside my mate Rob's basement flat, where all you could see was this one huge purple wheel.

A local band called Electric Canned Fruit (any York students remember them ?) - hippies and Hammonds - had a song called "The Adventures of Isaac Pode", about where these great purple creatures went to on their travels.
Issac Pode is a truly excellent name for a fish. As soon as Norbert has scattered his cushions in his new pond, an Issac Pode,Eddie Stobart and one other name to be confirmed will be acquired to keep him company.