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Our humans are minging - they finished cleaning out the pond and replaced 400 litres, with another 100 to go. Added some weedy stuff. Tiny Newt seemed well enough - spending another night in the bucket. Note left for Builders to be careful and not use Tinys bucket for bricks.

The huge old Tree has gone - just several wheelbarrows of sawdust and twigs to remove. More structural work starts tomorrow and the Java Proofing of the garden - with a view to moving maybe 4-6 weeks time. Eeeep!
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4-6 weeks! Crikey. Any new photies up?

Need a hand with owt (inside, away from the scary beasts).
We could probably do with a hand the day of the Big Van. I will borrow the tippy up truck thingy from work for the washing machine etc.

there are some new photos on the website - mainly Japanese Knotweed stuff.
You know Paul loves driving trucks don't you? Really loves it, happy to do it all day loves it.

Re: Van/truck
Heh! I am not sure the truck will be big enough to satisfy Pauls truck driving fetish. But all help is welcomed and you will be able to stay too! Abe and Penny can have a meeping competition.