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Humans have become inexplicably fond of Norbert Dentrassangle, the goldfish discovered in the brick water feature.

Today was spent draining out the larger pond. Frog spawn was carefully transferred to bucket. No sign of frogs but found a newt. Can newts swim or do
they just jump about? Tiny was initially transferred to the vacant part of Norberts current home but seemed to be drowning so Tiny will spend tonight in a bucket with stones, a bit of water and pond weed.

Why is he called Tiny? My Newt!!

Some sort of festering mouldy blubberous corpse was discovered at the bottom of pond Probably a bird.

Some pond fanatic colleague of hippys will be coming to advise on what Norbert actually is so Norbert can have some mates in due course. As well as a pump and some sort of UV thingy. Tomorrow, the new water goes in with the dechlorinating stuff, some fresh pond plants will be added and then Tiny, frog spawn and Norbert can move back in next weekend.

In other news - Abes not scooting or doing spinny bot so much. Java finally woke up on Tuesday after sleeping off her weekend away. Lindsay finally dried out from her pond mishap around Thursday.
They swim and walk, surprisingly far (a couple of miles, no prob)given they are little

See you Thursday?

Re: Newts
I think Tiny might just be lazy or forgetful. He has been transferred to the bigger pool now and dissappeared. Yes, probably see you tomorrow as I am in Wolves, got an interview at 8-45. Then probably hang round the house - though we need to go to a garden centre and get some aquatic foliage.