kato age two

Sweet Little Abekins.....

Its just one big game to Abe. Like trying to hold on to a bag of psychotic chickens. The battle of wills to get her on the table. Today was no different - the new young vet looked disbelieving as humans warned Abe might not be exactly compliant. Its just one Big Game. Abe sitting sweetly, head cutely on one side, those huge eyes drawing you in. Butter wouldn't melt.....think of a brick wall...mustn't meet her eyes.......

Humans: "Come on Abe, up on the table, UP! (to the vet) she *can* do this command, come on Abe, UP!"
Abe looks defiant and moons everyone. "No, Bollocks, gimme that box of bandages to chew...
Humans: Abe, off that, sorry Vet, errr, do we owe you anything for those breakages....

Took all humans and vet to get her on the table. Play Bows, Play Barks and Canine Chortles. Spat out the Vets biscuits (!!!!!!!!!) Made Play Growls, almost managed a complete forward roll trying to avoid the stethoscope. Licked the vets spectacles.

"Yo MotherBarker that tickles" whooped Abe managing to remove the heavy rubber cover off the examination table. Mellowed when her bottom was attended to, poor little Abe, humans dropped their guard and the slippy Abe trapezed off the table. "Gerroff my barkin Ass you Big Perve"
On the way to the weighing room, she managed to tie hippy and the vet together. Jumped on the scales until Vet pushed the ON button - then wouldn't get on for love, money or shares in Winalot.
The vet, with dog hair stuck to his sweating brow and drooled on spectacles, looked exhausted and bewildered.

But Abe is well apart from the discovery of a slight heart murmur. Microchip is in place, teeth good, figure quite trim now (19kg down from 21kg)) had vaccinnation and anal glands emptied.(pooooo!)

Back in the waiting room Abe sat quietly, forlornly with a audience of other vet attendees, meeping sadly in that heartsnapping way that she does.
"Awww, poor little doggy, what have they done to you?"
"Meep" she meeped weakly, a knowing sparkle in her eye.
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