kato age two

Before the Storm

Theres an anticipatory hush here at The House of Dog. Human is anxiously pacing, occaisionally jogging on the spot, deep breaths, punching the air in preparation. Precision is the key. Gotta be fit, eagle eyed, ready for any sudden and unexpected resistance. The victim is oblivious, sleeping sweetly and serenely. Mustn't be fooled, must not meet her eyes, think of a brick wall. She won't go easy, there will be trickery and devious tactics.

They could be some time, its a difficult, treachorous mission, not for the fainthearted or frail of spirit.

Abe is going Vetwards to have her bum done. It doesn't hurt and Abe actually has a fantastic time in the vets. Her sig file isn't "chaos and disorder - my work here is done" for nothing. Humans are on their knees now praying for an empty waiting room and a vet with a sense of humour. Rehearsing their offers to pay for the damage and their apologies to innocent bystanders...
I always coppped the "keep the other one company" duty, so never saw the chaotic spectacle that is Abe down the vets. Good on yer chuck!
"What's she having done?"

Impacted anal glands emptied, http://www.barkbytes.com/medical/med0029.htm

general MOT, booster vac and check her microchip is still in place. She is fine though they have discovered a small heart murmur. Just have to keep an eye out for any persistant cough. Glad we successfully got her to lose weight - she is 19kg which if she was/is heading for any problems is a much healthier weight to be.