kato age two

Famous Last Barks

" Of course they won't go in the pond and if they do, they will fall in the pond once and learn its watery wet" (hippy human)

Lindsay is going to take months to dry out, that coat is probably tadpole/frog central. Abe dried out pretty quickly and did learn not to jump in again. Unlike old dudess who was not doing the action/consequence learning curve thing. Waterlogged Lindsay weighs a ton. Both Lindsay and Abe now ming. Its the first time they have been to the new house. Its not Javaproof yet but Java was away. Lindsay and Abe love it (except the pond) Abe had a look at Norbert Dentrasangle (if your going to name a fish - go large) in the other pond. Abe had some fish food and so did Norbert. Lindsay was busy picking amphibions & plancton out of her fur.

Java arrived back from her barktastic camping holiday. Has a sunburnt nose, did 20 miles without a flicker, centre of attention in the pub, slept like a baby, didn't knock the tent down, or slippy dog into anyones sleeping bag Behaved herself very well. Wimpered a little bit when Boglin & Simon departed after dropping her home. Then apart from commenting "What the Bark is that awful Pong?" has curled up in a contented ball and slept as only a contented dog can.
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You must be surprised (and impressed) at the action/consequence thing. Rare that, well done Abe!